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Sometimes you just aren't quite ready to buy a home or villa in a community before you get acclimated to the local ambiance. Renting an apartment or a house for awhile may be the most sensible option for newcomers till they know where they want to settle!   Long term rentals are defined here as rentals lasting longer than 90 days. As a rule, long-term tenants pay their own utilities, too, rather than having all-inclusive leases.

The trend in Hilton Head Island and in neighboring Bluffton, as in other towns across the country, is for apartment complexes to be broken up into individual condominium units. Many tenants get an opportunity to become homeowners this way, but in fact, a lot of units are purchased by investors who still intend that these condo/apartments remain on the long-term rental market. Often, the same management staff who worked for corporately-owned apartment complexes continue to work on-site for condo association groups. A prospective renter may not even be aware how his apartment is titled, if he pays the rental office each month instead of an individual owner!

Our community has a large number of complexes offering rental apartments. Accommodations may range from spartan efficiency units to furnished 4-bedroom townhomes, and the rental rates are equally diverse, depending on the location and amenities included with your rental. There is also a very limited selection of income-dependent "affordable" (Section 8) housing managed by the Beaufort County authority.

Need a backyard for the kids?  Houses of all sizes are also available for long-term lease, as many non-resident owners purchase second homes here, anticipating their eventual retirement and permanent relocation.  Having good responsible long-term tenants occupying a house in the owners’ absence is a great way to protect their investment and offset homeowners’ expenses.

Some owners may want to write their own long-term leases and take care of any maintenance issues themselves, but lots of others prefer to deal with professional long-term property managers, especially if they live too far away to take a personal “hands-on” approach to tenant affairs.  Using a professional leasing agent also gives owners and tenants an added layer of protection, because these agents are licensed and regulated by state authority.

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